For this week’s post, we take a departure from our typical blog topics covering the economy and fintech.

Specifically, we’d like to use this post to brag about one of our own. Dinushki DeLivera, Operations Research Analyst, has been on the Recovery Decision Science team for more than two years.  She also happens to be a rising star in the rapidly-expanding field of data visualization. In 2018, she won First Prize in the Data Visualization contest at the Women in Analytics Conference.  Earlier this year, she placed 7th in the Tableau Iron Viz competition.

Using the Viz from the Iron Viz competition, Dinushki was named to the shortlist, which is a finalist, in the prestigious Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards.  Her stunning visualization, put to Igor Stravinsky’s “The Infernal Dance,” was shortlisted from more than 900 entries from around the globe.

In discussing her Viz, Dinushki said:

“The intention of this visualization is to give music a new dimension and perspective by making it pleasing to the eyes as much as it is to the ears.” 

The Infernal Dance is part of the Firebird Suite, originally composed by Stravinsky as a ballet. Dinushki chose to visualize this Russian folktale “because of the wide range of tempos, pitches and energy it has to offer. Through the animation you are able to watch the notes being played while listening to the music and seeing the instruments behind the sounds, all of which help to bring the story and composition to life.” She completed the entire project in only three weeks.

Check out Dinushki’s Tableau Viz HERE. Note the following as you watch:

  • The orchestra shows all of the instruments that are used in the piece, each of which lights up when it is played.
  • On the right is a representation of the score, which is the sheet music used by the conductor-it shows the notes being played by each instrument.
  • Alongside the score, a bar chart shows how often each instrument is played (note: the second violin is the most-played instrument in this composition)
  • There is a second bar chart showing the piano notes being played, with the length representing the most-played notes.
  • Finally, you can see details related to notes played by each instrument as well as their pitch.

We want to congratulate Dinushki on being short-listed for the Kantar Information is Beautiful Award with her extraordinary visualization of Stravinsky’s The Infernal Dance, and we wish her good luck at the awards ceremony.