Comprehensive Debt Servicing

Achieve more reliable profits and gain full visibility into each of your accounts at every step of the debt recovery process. From contact collections and pre-legal talk-offs to litigation and judgment management, our comprehensive debt servicing leverages data science to optimize recoveries, minimize risks and provide a seamless experience for every client.

One Vendor To Maximize Accounts Receivable ROI

Finding the right accounts to pursue with legal action requires a lot of time and manual effort – making outsourcing the process an ideal solution. But organizations that outsource the debt collection process to a number of different vendors often lose visibility into the status of their accounts, and end up missing out on opportunities to generate more profit.

RDS solves that problem, providing total account transparency through real-time dashboard reporting. We then use proprietary data models to deliver a 27% uplift in collections – all through a single trusted partner.

Our expert team activates dormant judgments, manages disputes and complaints, and provides turn-key access to a national attorney and collection agency network that can accelerate and improve your collection process.

With our debt recovery services, your organization can:

Customize Your Experience

Determine exactly what you need support with and get it – from debt settlement to bankruptcy and probate solutions.

Increase Transparency

Access live data updates through proprietary electronic data interchange and integrated reporting capabilities.

Prove Compliance

Trust our team’s 35+ years of experience in the industry to keep up with changing regulations and deliver documented proof of full compliance.

Leveraging AI in Debt Collection for Stronger ROI

At RDS, we apply machine learning to our proprietary analytic models to pinpoint accounts with the highest propensity to pay and predict how much they will be able to pay. From predictive analytics and account segmentation to suit-decisioning scores and asset searching.

our AI tools enable us to:

Unlock New Data

Leverage AI to uncover previously undisclosed assets.

Save Time and Effort

Avoid wasting valuable resources on unproductive accounts.

Maximize Returns

Focus efforts on accounts with the highest potential yields.

Start Using Data to Improve Your ROI