We don’t just buy data.
We are the data.

We apply machine learning to our account analytics models to pinpoint accounts with the highest probability to pay and to determine if they pay, how much they will pay.

Using Data Science
for Recovery

Applying machine learning to our analytics models has enabled us to build products that pinpoint accounts with the highest propensity to pay and predict how much they will be able to pay. Our mix of analytic tools enables our clients to prioritize these accounts, saving them from wasting valuable resources by diverting time and money from unproductive accounts and refocusing those efforts on accounts with the highest potential yield.


Our asset identification model leverages a mix of data sources to verify consumer assets, including real estate ownership, bank accounts and employment. Our sophisticated asset waterfall used in conjunction with recursive searching, multi-step verification, and unique data sources enables us to unlock hidden value from pre-suit and post-judgment accounts.

Paymetrix AI gives creditors the unmatched asset verification and power they need to make better suit decisions when collecting consumer receivables and generating cash flow from non-performing judgments. Piecing together a mix of data sources as part of our asset search algorithms enables us to dig deeper to find patterns that indicate where we may identify assets.


The account decisioning model provides actionable insights to help creditors prioritize accounts for servicing efforts. Using this tool, creditors and account servicers are able to create a prioritized ranking of accounts which enables efforts to be focused on the most profitable accounts and an efficient litigation strategy. Our proven cost/benefit model continually demonstrates the value we add to the account servicing process.

Paymetrix AD uses linear and logistic regression and machine learning to understand each account and prioritize it using historical results to predict future results.. The Paymetrix AD predictive model identifies and prioritizes accounts for legal collections by first determining the probability of payments and then calculating the Net Present Value of those payments. Using these metrics, a profitability index is developed to prioritize accounts.


Our profitability index model is a cost-efficient suit-decisioning tool that helps you pinpoint the right accounts to litigate by predicting  assets and scoring accounts based on the probability of consumer assets.  Leveraging  our proven value calculations, based on over 35 years of historical data, we provide clients with an easy to understand profitability index score to improve the prioritization of accounts for recovery collection efforts.

Quickly breaking down granular account information allows creditors and servicers to better understand the value of a portfolio and the optimal mix of collection strategies needed to unlock that value. Paymetrix PI uses artificial intelligence to approximate the likelihood of assets, implements a second sophisticated model to score the account, and then provides a weighted score based on the original probability of assets.

Real Estate

The real estate scoring models use real estate data in a whole new way to improve the accuracy of predicting a consumer’s ability to pay a debt. Paymetrix RE is a sophisticated property scoring algorithm that accurately determines the quality and value of homes based on actual external images of the property and surrounding properties, and Paymetrix LUX “Luxury” is an extension of Paymetrix RE which leverages internal images of the dwelling.  Using these unique data sources and our data science tools, Paymetrix RE and Paymetrix LUX offer the ability to refine recovery predictions and improve results through actual real estate property.

Paymetrix RE and Paymetrix LUX employ deep machine learning techniques to identify nearby properties, detect houses, and provide a score for the quality and value of a property. This predictive score assists in the suit-decisioning process by estimating the consumer’s ability to pay a debt. It carefully examines actual images of the property of interest while also examining similar properties in the surrounding area. The Paymetrix LUX model adds pictures of home interiors from a mix of different sources to more accurately predict the ability of a consumer to pay a debt.

Client Results

“We have recently utilized RDS to identify asset information on batches of dormant post judgment accounts. The results from our original placement have been impressive, resulting in a 300+% return on our gross spend. Equally as important, the folks at RDS are professional, compliant, analytically driven, and a pleasure to work with.”

“The hit rate was higher than any employment vendor we used previously.”

Timothy F. Rooney, Esq

“Finally, a product that provides the most important element-peace of mind.”

David Ashe