Our Results
Speak for Themselves

The results of our portfolio servicing and data science tools are proven through the performance we achieve for our clients.

Learn from
Our Experience

Recovery Decision Science is built on the idea of offering our proven data analytics and scoring science to creditors and servicers to improve account performance. Our team has been refining and validating our findings with our approach to data science through 30 years of experience in recovering thousands of account portfolios with our affiliate partnerships including Unifund.

Our case studies describe the performance results we have achieved for our clients using both our portfolio servicing and data science products.

See Your Data
Come to Life

As a technology company, RDS utilizes the latest in business intelligence and analytic tools to track every single account through its lifecycle. Our dashboards are created by RDS developers, who are some of the most well known developers in the world .  The dashboards give us up-to-the minute data on every account we manage.

We can also provide transparency to you to see your data come to life via web-accessible, shared dashboards.