Improve Account Decisioning With Paymetrix AD and AD+

Identify and prioritize legal collection decisions to accelerate collections and maximize profitability. Our account decisioning model empowers creditors and accounts receivable management professionals to rank their accounts, so they can focus on the most profitable accounts and produce an efficient litigation strategy.

Client Results

“We have recently utilized RDS to identify asset information on batches of dormant post judgement accounts. The results from our original placement have been impressive, resulting in a 300+% return on our gross spend. Equally as important, the folks at RDS are professional, compliant, analytically driven, and a pleasure to work with.”

“The hit rate was higher than any employment vendor we used previously.”

Timothy F. Rooney, Esq, Partner, Mullooly, Jeffrey, Rooney & Flynn, LLP

“Finally, a product that provides the most important element-peace of mind.”

David Ashe, Managing Partner, Dominion Law Associates, PLLC

Quicker Profits with Sophisticated Account-Decisioning Tools

Paymetrix AD and AD+ use our proprietary models to accurately pinpoint the most profitable accounts in the right channel – and persue them in the optimal order. This ensures you achieve the biggest payouts first and reach higher profitability faster.

Paymetrix AD and AD+ Deliver Results

Creditors and accounts receivable management professionals require an efficient method to decide whether a delinquent account should be routed through a legal or non-legal channel, regardless of whether they opt for a machine-learning model (AD+) or an explained model using linear and logistic regression (AD).

Prioritize Accounts

Guarantee the appropriate allocation of accounts for legal action using asset searching and account prioritization scoring, while simultaneously allocating non-legal accounts to the suitable collection treatments.

Predict Future Results

Leverage proprietary data analytics to assess probability of payment and then establish the payment amount expected through the legal channel.

Accelerate Collections

Develop a reliable Profitability Index to pinpoint accounts that are most likely to pay. This creates a pathway to better decisions and quicker profits.

Measure Profit

Gain individual account clarity on the ROI using Paymetrix AD/AD+ with our proven cost-benefit model. Paymetrix AD has proven to produce a 12% uplift in profits, while Paymetrix AD+ utilizes machine learning – and has proven to increase profits by 29%.

Data Science in Debt Collection Made Simple

Many accounts receivable management professionals worry that data analytics won’t align with their compliance requirements. But Paymetrix AD/AD+ isare designed to make life easier to ensure every output is:


Paymetrix AD/AD+ were developed in full compliance with current regulatory requirements and undergo continuous scrutiny and enhancements to align with evolving state and local regulations and compliance standards.


Our model is built on linear and logistic regression, while the machine learning models are trained on historical data.


Our trust in Paymetrix AD stems from its foundation in 37 years of performance data from our owned accounts. Through this extensive experience, we’ve witnessed the remarkable impact of machine learning models like Paymetrix AD+ in enhancing both accuracy and overall performance.

Start Using Data Science to Deliver Reliable ROI

Paymetric AD and AD+ unlock new levels of efficiency and generate higher revenue.