Debt Recovery for Fintech Brands

Build a seamless collection process from scratch with a single accounts receivable management firm. Using our proprietary AI solutions, exclusive nationwide recovery network and over 37 years of experience, we help fintech brands generate more profit from their delinquent accounts without creating unnecessary complexity or costs.

Client Results

“We have recently utilized RDS to identify asset information on batches of dormant post judgement accounts. The results from our original placement have been impressive, resulting in a 300+% return on our gross spend. Equally as important, the folks at RDS are professional, compliant, analytically driven, and a pleasure to work with.”

“The hit rate was higher than any employment vendor we used previously.”

Timothy F. Rooney, Esq, Partner, Mullooly, Jeffrey, Rooney & Flynn, LLP

“Finally, a product that provides the most important element-peace of mind.”

David Ashe, Managing Partner, Dominion Law Associates, PLLC

Debt Recovery Processes as Forward Thinking as Your Tech

Many fintech companies own a lot of paper, but few have effective collection processes in place. While traditional banks manage recoveries using vast vendor networks, you need a recovery process that matches the disruptive spirit of your industry.

We turn your lack of legacy processes into an active advantage, leveraging cutting-edge technology to:

Build Long-term Strategies

Our machine learning methodologies form the basis of a long-term recovery strategy. This includes built-in compliance measures and compliance monitoring, to help you adapt to changing regulations and scale your collection processes.

Maximize Liquidations

We use sophisticated asset waterfalls and recursive searching to uncover difficult-to-find and previously undisclosed assets. This helps you turn distressed accounts into paying customers – and produce liquidation rates 2-3x higher than competitors.

Drive Faster Profit

Our predictive data and analytics tools help you predict which accounts are most likely to pay and how profitable they will be. This lets you pinpoint the more efficient accounts to pursue for either voluntary payment or litigation – and deliver faster, more reliable profit.

Lower Overheads, Higher Returns

Fintech companies don’t have the time or resources to manage 50+ vendors. They need to make their funds go further – which is exactly what we help them achieve through:

Time Saving Technology

AI and machine learning account scoring and recursive asset searching remove the need for endless manual work. While the average human can analyze 3 accounts per hour, our system lets you assess 10,000s of accounts in just 72 hours.

Reduced Operating Costs

Our accounts receivable management helps you forgo extensive vendor networks. You gain access to our nationwide recovery network with expert pre-legal and legal firms across every state – but only have to manage a single vendor.

Increased Account Transparency

We provide custom dashboards to ensure total visibility of the status of every accounts receivable. With automatic daily updates and monthly calls with your account rep, our servicing gives you total confidence and control as we build and optimize your debt collection strategies.

Ready to Use AI for Debt Collection Strategy?

Paymetrix PI increases profitability by pinpointing the accounts with the highest propensity to pay;
while maximizing accuracy and mitigating risk.