Comprehensive Debt Recovery Solutions for Banks

Transform your debt collection strategy with AI-driven suit-decisioning, expert pre-legal services and a nationwide network of specialist legal firms – all built upon 37 years of helping leading banks produce more profit from distressed portfolios.

Client Results

“We have recently utilized RDS to identify asset information on batches of dormant post judgement accounts. The results from our original placement have been impressive, resulting in a 300+% return on our gross spend. Equally as important, the folks at RDS are professional, compliant, analytically driven, and a pleasure to work with.”

“The hit rate was higher than any employment vendor we used previously.”

Timothy F. Rooney, Esq, Partner, Mullooly, Jeffrey, Rooney & Flynn, LLP

“Finally, a product that provides the most important element-peace of mind.”

David Ashe, Managing Partner, Dominion Law Associates, PLLC

Banks Deserve More Control Over Their Debt Collection

Banks often build large vendor networks to service their portfolios, with as many as 50 legal firms on their books alone. But most manage these relationships manually – creating a lot of time-consuming, complicated work.

As a result, debt collection teams within banks struggle with a lack of transparency, inefficient suit-decisioning and poor ROI.

Lack of Transparency

They cannot get a reliable update on specific accounts and have to trust vendors to make decisions for them – often leading to a conflict of interest and poor communication.

Inefficient Suit-Decisioning

Internal teams undertake manual reviews to determine which accounts are most likely to pay and generate profit – a process that is slow and produces sub-optimal results.

Poor ROI

The combination of underperforming vendors and guesswork involved in debt collection strategies leads to missed opportunities and inefficient collections.

Streamline Vendors, Enhance Profits

We provide a complete portfolio servicing solution through a single vendor, our services enable banks to:

  • Make better collection decisions
  • Reduce staff workflow
  • Increase visibility
  • Maximize ROI

Make Better Collection Decisions

Using proprietary data analytics, we locate the accounts most likely to pay and produce profitability indexes so you can choose which accounts to pursue for voluntary collection (and which require litigation). With Paymetrix PI and AD, this is achieved in just 72 hours.

Reduce Staff Workflow

The combination of AI-driven suit-decisioning and our expert pre-legal and legal networks ensures your team are freed from manual work. You can maximize liquidations and minimize risks through a single vendor.

Increase Visibility

We provide a custom, real-time dashboard to give you full visibility into the status of every account. Debt collection for banks becomes clear and simple as our incentives are in total alignment.

Maximize ROI

Our approach ensures you continue to increase performance and hit your KPIs year-over-year. By pinpointing the most profitable accounts and providing a recovery network to make collections efficient, we produce the maximum possible returns for your bank.

Hit Your KPIs with a Comprehensive Debt Recovery Solution

Stop stressing about complicated vendor networks and start focusing on the accounts that produce the biggest profit.