Recovery Decision Science (RDS) just launched its newly- redesigned website.

An affiliate of Unifund CCR, LLC,  RDS provides debt portfolio managers with an analytics-driven model to guide the portfolio management process and maximize the return on their treatment decisions.

The new RDS site focuses on proprietary analytic tools that are helping to redefine the collections process:

  • PAYMETRIX AI gives creditors unmatched asset verification to make better suit decisions.
  • PAYMETRIX AD uses machine learning to identify and prioritize accounts for more profitable collections.
  • PROFITABILITY INDEX provides a cost-efficient suit-decisioning tool that helps pinpoint the correct accounts to litigate.
  • REAL ESTATE SCORING uses real estate data to improve the accuracy of predicting a consumer’s ability to pay a debt.

The highlight of the new RDS site is our compilation of FREE case-study WHITE PAPERS that give creditors and debt portfolio managers a peek under the hood at our transformative approach to data analytics.


One of the biggest challenges in the debt management and collection industries is assessing projected returns on a debt portfolio. This white paper uses composites of actual RDS portfolio cases to illustrate how Paymetrix AI and AD deliver enhanced evaluation and ROI projections.


Our industry focuses much attention on return-on-investment (ROI). But do we really understand how to measure true ROI? This paper provides a thorough primer on how to use the right tools to understand, measure and present accurate ROI projections to stakeholders.


Any financial institution that engages in a litigation strategy on its charged-off inventory has likely developed a significant pool of dormant judgments. This paper focuses on the FIVE essential questions any debt collection professional should be asking about their dormant judgments.


In this paper, we address the problem of outdated, inaccurate, and unverified data often used to guide multi-million dollar collections decisions. We focus on how using the correct data helps determine the actual value of a debt portfolio.


RDS has been at the forefront of data innovation for the collections industry. This paper looks at how AI and machine learning could have helped one top-10 bank recover 96% of its collections by targeting only 30% of its accounts.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about the site, or would like to learn more about Recovery Decision Science, contact:

Kacey Rask: Vice President, Portfolio Servicing

[email protected]/513-489-8877, ext. 261