Paymetrix RE, is a qualitative, real estate scoring model created by Recovery Decision Science.

The Paymetrix RE algorithm accurately determines the quality and value of a home, based on the actual images of that property, and the surrounding properties.

Because of the importance of estimating a home’s value in the suit-decisioning process, Paymetrix RE represents a breakthrough advancement for the collections industry.

As an important extension to the property scoring model of Paymetrix RE, RDS now offers a new, proprietary analytics tool: Paymetrix LUX.

Paymetrix LUX is a sophisticated property scoring algorithm that uses machine learning to accurately determine the quality of homes by evaluating their “luxury level.”  Calculating this luxury level provides another critical data point toward determining a person’s ability to pay.


As we said above, Paymetrix LUX employs machine learning, combined with deep learning techniques, to score a home’s luxury level. Our proprietary Paymetrix LUX tool:

  • Examines actual exterior and interior images of the property.
  • Inspects images to classify the type of room and determine the luxury level for that room on a scale of 1-8.
  • Provides a final luxury level score for the entire home based on the images and scores for each room within that home.

The image below shows how Paymetrix LUX works to provide a luxury level, by room, and for the entire home, for three different properties from an actual account file.



The illustration below utilized a sample of 50,000 previously-litigated accounts. At 30% of the accounts, LUX returned 41% of the profit for a lift of 11%.


PAYMETRIX LUX provides a fast and inexpensive way to score the luxury level of homes. Because consumers living in homes are, on average, more likely to pay, LUX allows you to better prioritize your account decisions.

Net, by providing better asset insights, Paymetrix LUX helps collections professionals realize profits on a much faster timeline.

INFORMATION SHEETS for both Paymetrix RE and LUX are available on our website. CLICK HERE

To learn more about the Paymetrix Suite of data solutions, contact:

Kacey Rask : Vice-President, Portfolio Servicing

[email protected]/ 513.489.8877, ext. 261