Given the outsized importance that real estate plays in the U.S. economy, the Recovery Decision Science Business Intelligence team has devoted considerable time in recent years to analyzing the housing market from a number of different vantage points.

  • 30-year fixed mortgage rates, by month and week, since 1970.
  • Seasonally-adjusted home sales by month, since 2000.
  • Mortgage applications for both new purchases and refinancing, since 1990.
  • Median rent, by county and by size of rental unit.
  • Housing price trends, since 2000.

Our BI team has translated the data for each of these housing variables into interactive dashboards that you can experience on the RDS TABLEAU PUBLIC page.

Recently, the team added a new dashboard that expands on the housing price-trends dashboard.

Specifically, using data from the Federal Housing Finance Agency, we created a new HOUSING PRICE INDEX dashboard.

Below, we have two screenshots pulled from the Housing Price Index workbook.

The first chart is looks at housing price increases at a national level.  It shows the value at 1990 (which is 100) and the change over time – value of 260 in 2021 or an increase of 160%.  If you look at the Y (vertical) axis of the chart, it goes to only 300.

In addition to national trends, the Housing Price Index workbook allows users to drill down at a state, metro, county or even zip code level.

Below you’ll see a screenshot showing us the Housing Price Index trend for a single zip code in the Portland area. As you can see, houses within this zip code increased in price by 869% since 1990, compared to the national average of 160%.

If you’re interested to learn how much your home has increased in value, CLICK HERE to go to our Tableau public workbook. Again, you can then look at how homes in your zip code, county, metro area and state have increased over the past three decades. Our Housing Price Index workbook covers every zip code in the U.S.

To learn more about RDS’s Business Intelligence team, contact:

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